This presentation is all about getting women to re-shape their thinking so they can re-think their shape and see themselves with a more positive body image. In it, I present images of those I have photographed and share their stories that can connect to you.
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    Almost every woman, regardless of size, shape or condition, is unhappy with her appearance. The women I have photographed have been thru much. Curves, scars, stretch marks or a host of other things you see in the mirror don't define who you are.
    The Struggle
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    As I photographed sizes 6 to 24, the issues were very much the same. They came. They posed. They walked away changed, not overnight, but by taking each day to see themselves as more beautiful than they had before. They showed me their scars, outer and inner.
    How Posing Nude Helped Some
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    In my one hour presentation "THE NAKED EYE", you can connect to the stories of these women who are gaining back their confidence or who just needed reminding. One told me her size was "too awesome for single digits but since that doesn't fit on a tag, I buy 22's". They will inspire you.
    How This Can Help You
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    I am passionate about this project. What could I, a MAN, possibly know and understand of this? I have been married to a plus size lady for 23 years. I have lived thru her ups and downs, the diets, the fads, the exercise programs. She's beautiful just as she is. You all are and I want to show you that.