I have spent a career being a Professional Storyteller, mostly via video in Television News, Entertainment News, Commercial Production and Indie film.  My creations have won multiple awards, including Emmy's, and I have worked with every walk of life from the  homeless to top celebrities.

When I shifted my skills into the world of stills photography, (specifically high contrast, black and white, fine art nudes) It was here that I have found the greatest story to tell.

I discovered that women of every size, shape and condition struggle with body image. By sharing their stories, I hope to touch the lives of as many women as I can and help them to understand that they have to reshape their thinking  in order to rethink their shape.

As a conduit for stories of the women you see on this page, I hope that we, collectively, can show you the beauty in every woman.

For more information about me and my career, see the links on this page.