The Bare Truth Assignment
 A Presentation For Perfectly Imperfect Women



I have spent a career being a Professional Storyteller, mostly via video in Television News, Entertainment News, Commercial Production and Indie film.  My creations have won multiple awards, including Emmy's, and I have worked with every walk of life from the  homeless to top celebrities. For my last 9 years in TV, I was as Assignments Manager, managing crews who gathered our day to day stories.

I had to assign crews to cover the big stories of the day and the topic I cover in this presentation is, and continues to be, a story of the day.

When I shifted my skills into the world of stills photography, (specifically high contrast, black and white, fine art nudes) I backed into something I never dreamt I would be doing.

I discovered that women of every size, shape and condition struggle with body image. By sharing their stories, I hope to touch the lives of as many women as I can and help them to understand that they have to reshape their thinking  in order to rethink their shape.

I didn't plan for this, didn't ask for it. It was as if Universal Intelligence assigned me this task. To take all I have done up until now and use those skills to help women.

What can I, as a man, possibly know about body image for women? I have been married, for 23 years, to a plus size woman. I can tell her 1000 times a  day she is beautiful and she won't hear me but let someone say something negative and she will hear it 1000 times.

I have rejoiced in her highs and felt helpless in her lows. Diet plans, exercise plans, meal plans, body wraps, workouts, DVD's...the list is endless. She has tried so much but she just isn't designed to be smaller. 

Where another woman may be judged on a stage with this same information, I make it very clear, this story isn't about me. It's about those who bared their souls to me.

As an Award Winning Professional Storyteller, I am fortunate to be the conduit for these amazing women and it is our  collective hope that we can show women their own beauty.

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