The Bare Truth Assignment
 A Presentation For Perfectly Imperfect Women

If you could book a presentation that could improve the quality of life
for some women and  possibly even save a life...would you be interested?

  1. "Pizza and Wings"
    Size 6 - excerpt from the full presentation of THE BARE TRUTH.
  2. "Valorie"
    Size 24 - excerpt from the full presentation of THE BARE TRUTH

What is The Bare Truth?

Low self-esteem and self-worth not only negatively affect personal growth, they also cripple professional prospects. Research has shown time and time again that people with higher self-worth have higher salaries. Self-esteem may even affect your salary as much as cognitive abilities do.
-FORBES 2016

This is not about Obesity. It’s about self-esteem for all women


20 is the average age for onset of Bulimia
91% of all women are unhappy with their bodies
95% of people with eating disorders are between the ages of 12 and 25.
10% of those with an eating disorder will seek professional help
1 in 5 anorexia deaths is by suicide
I began this for the sake of art but it turned into so much more. The women I photographed began to bare more than their bodies, they bared their souls, telling me about their past, their pain and how they have coped. From ages 19-52, sizes 6-24 they all had issues with their bodies. The photo's helped them and their stories could help others.

 I have been told by someone, who works with college women suffering from body image issues, that getting them to come forward to seek help is a challenge. That's where we can work together.

The women I photographed have experienced sexual abuse, mental abuse, physical abuse, dysfunctional families, anorexia/ bulimia, cancer and attempted suicide. They know what it's like and are willing to share their lives via this presentation.
This program connects emotionally with your audience and creates a call to action that will encourage students to seek help through the resources you offer.

But it's not just for college women, it's for any woman who would like to be inspired to maybe try on that dress someone said she didn't look good in or maybe to change her makeup or cut her hair. Anything to stop allowing others set her VALUE and herWORTH.

 I do not take this lightly. It is something I am very passionate about and I truly believe it can help because I have witnessed it. 

If the rest of my life were spent doing just this one presentation and affecting just one woman in the audience each time, I would glady do it.


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